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Grantham, Lincolnshire, uk
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In a Relationship
About me:
Im just starting my own business. Love Bucks Fizz my fave group espcially Mike Nolan he was my first crush, everyone on the boards knows it & if ya didn't you do now. I can talk lots & lots & lots blah blah blah etc. I am possibly the youngest original Fizz fan here. Oh & I look like shelley so I've been told. I have my own website so check it out if you havent already seen it.
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Talking, watching tv, listening to music, Walking, taking random photos.
WRC, MotoGP & football.
Favorite Music:
Pop, Will Smith.
Favorite TV Shows:
Fresh Prince of bel Air, Peppa pig, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, Stargate Sg1 & atlantis, The Mr Men show, Neighbours, Not Going Out, Star Trek TNG.
Favorite Movies:
Carry ons, Will Smith, Steve Martin & Childrens.
Favorite Books:
Bios & Craft books
Favorite Quotes:
Morgan (Dressed as an Elf) to Chuck "Do I look imature to you?"

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music, chocolate, tv, hospital radio & other stuff

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Me at 27


An RB320

My Occupation

Temporary Tattoo artist part time.

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eightiespopkid wrote:
If I'm forbidden from posting a picture of an alsatian on this thread then I refuse to contribute further image

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